Minggu, 18 September 2011

Tips to delete applications Trash on the Blackberry App World


Maybe you can see a list of BlackBerry App World is always filled with a list of programs that were uninstalled. As a restart of the App World (Alt + RST) also failed to remove garbage from the list. This is because data is not stored in the memory, but directly stored on the servers of RIM Blackberry. To remove it, follow these steps

First, if the application includes the option to reinstall the trash. Select the track to reinstall the download process, but not until the download press the menu button, select the pause menu. Thus, the download process stops, then click "cancel download", then the application will automatically be removed from the list of World App.

Good luck.

source : http://www.gbrzone.com/how-to-delete-applications-on-the-blackberry-app-world/

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