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Review: Sony Tablet S

Whether Apple and other rivals Sony tablet Android have to worry about, the core of our audit Sony Tablet S.Sony has often been that of choosing his battles carefully: Sometimes, he joined the first, like the Walkman, while in others it waits until it thinks it can achieve something distinct .S with shelf, it is truer than ever: Sony takes on iPad in the hope of an infrared remote control, custom applications and provide a truly unique design advantage.

  Sony not only did not mind that it has the thinnest it has chosen not to play the games, where Apple and Samsung.Most of the tablets to make their design objectives designed to literally create a form similar to Shale similar as possible, it usually means as thin enable engineers. Tablet S is deliberately asymmetrical, intended to resemble a folded plate, so that users have a more natural grip.Not so with Sony.

Portrait mode, where you work better: a thick head and hold your hand "bites" into a wall texture as it should, so you can read with a hand or foot to use it comfortably.It works mostly.Sony also includes a small back legs to avoid scratching, as it sits on a table.
When you are in a horizontal position, leans more towards your face, of course, and it is not logical when you sit in a corner of the table.
Do not mistake him for a lightweight e-reader, but it is certainly more palatable to read books for a long time.Shape, and is, and feels light, too. Sony may be about 1.3 kg through the use of plastic instead of losing weight iPad 2, but because the weight is balanced toward the thick side, you are likely to be fascinating, reduces stress, which will be held too much weight to opposite side of the hand.  Surely it is better than the Motorola Xoom, which was heavier to begin, but it was too high, heavy, if you've used in a vertical position.

The disadvantages are few when you take into account only the basic hand holds. D tablet is an inexpensive-feeling that we would like, and even if it breaks, not the metal iPad calming. Third-party accessories are also likely to be minor pain, such as cases and others, taking symmetry does not work.Asymmetry also means that, unlike the iPad, the BlackBerry playbook, or most of the tablets Android, you can not just hold it as you want: If the application requires a fixed direction of rotation, as many applications for the Android phone do, you may end up keeping it back.

Having this extra padding on one end only with the help of controls and expand.Sony has found space not only for a micro USB port, but a full-size SD card, which is really useful in the application of Sony - see below.
Both the power button and volume control are hidden on the edge of the "wraps" the area and are fairly easy to remember but hard to accidentally push.
Sony has made the odd choice, but when it comes to ports. Although micro-USB port, no cable is provided: That you provide your own, not to mention what it is used. It is not powerful enough to load the tablet. This role is left to an exclusive power connector in addition to limiting your choice of cable is still a bit hard to plug it in.

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