Senin, 12 September 2011

Tips Upgrade the latest OS Blackberry

 how to upgrade to the latest version of Blackberry OS.Because RIM always release new OS for each Blackberry type

1. Prepare to be improved OS, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and a laptop / PC.

2. Download the OS from the Blackberry site or in-class BlackBerry OS firmware BerryIndo computer's firmware.

3. After downloading, click install the operating system to upgrade to a PC, and restart your PC.

Remove vendor.xml fourth on the C drive Program Files>> common files> Research In Motion> about downloading.

5. The backup data on a computer the Blackberry handheld Blackberry Desktop Manager.

6. Turn off the network microSD card (optional)

7. Clean the BlackBerry device via Options> Security Options> General Settings> press the BlackBerry Menu> Wipe Handheld. Wait until the process is complete. If the OS is still 4.2 include third cleanse, OS 4.5 is not necessary.

8. Turn the Desktop Manager, connect your BlackBerry to your computer.

9th Desktop Manager will detect for synchronization of data, then it will automatically check for updates, which appears as the latest version of OS updates / upgrades.

10th If Desktop Manager does not detect the newest operating system, shut down Desktop Manager and go to places vendor.xml delete, click loader.exe and follow the instructions.

11. Wait until it is completely flame and starting with the main screen. Do not remove the data cable.

12th When the OS is completely updated, immediately setting the clock back, account settings and wireless e-mail.

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