Selasa, 13 September 2011

Free app for Ipad smartphone

Here are 10 app for iPad that much in looking for this week

1. AccuWeather (weather app free)


2.Adobe Ideas 1.0 (image editing)

Adobe Ideas 1.0 for iPad

3. Air Video (video watcher)

Despite the whining opponents IPAD-screen 4:3 format, watching videos is a decent machine, even if no memory to accommodate a large video collections. Video streaming allows air that video (converting it into an on-the-fly, if necessary) from your Mac or PC. The main limitation is the free version is that it seems only a few articles (chosen randomly) for each folder or playlist.


4. Beatwave (Music editor)


5. Bloomberg iPad (for business playmaker)

Bloomberg iPad

6. Comics (Read the comics via ipad)


7. - Dictionary and Thesaurus - iPad

8. Dropbox (Universal)
9. Evernote (Universal)


10. Feeddler iPad RSS Reader

Feeddler iPad RSS Reader

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